Who Knew Love Could Exist Here?

5 min readApr 19, 2022
Photo by Marek Piwnicki on Unsplash

Description: In an old windmill, Destiny and Damien meet once again. Lifetime friends and forbidden to be more than. The two met as teenagers but were in different classes and were raised with such a thin veil between them. Destiny knew of the rules; to never consort with the likes of those who were above you, but Damien knew no bounds and was sure to let Destiny know of it. Once the town was made known for their less than professional and “morally correct”, Destiny’s family was run out of town. Upon her return as a grown woman with her own head, Damien immediately wrote a letter asking for her presence and she answered. This hour meeting will be quite the awakening.

She was wandering the halls, reading the writing on the walls. “Lists create fear. Damien was here. I once shot a deer,” she reads with the help of her inner voice. And suddenly, she remembers why she’s back inspecting the random graffiti. Damien. The infamous bachelor Damien Waters. Brother of the mayor’s daughter. Her blank face develops a sly smile, and her usually bright eyes begin to widen. You would think she would be frightened, meeting him again.

“I thought you would never come,” a deep, soothing voice began to strum. And just as fast, her head had spun and gazed upon the man worth thousands more than none. Damien walks toward her slowly, but her breath is quite the opposite. She tucks a hair behind her ear, “Why wouldn’t I? I mean, I was worried when you ask to meet me here…”

She realized the reasons why they were meeting here. In the creepiest place, they know of, far and near. The one place the elders warned them of, year after year. Now towering over her, seeming sincere, “I needed to be near you,” Damien whispers.

And like a timed reaction, a gasp was released and the powers that be started to surge through the very memories the two share. The night that he disappeared after our families discovered we were becoming exactly what they had feared. Rebelling against the predetermined rules, allowing yourself to be seduced by the likes of those above you. It did not matter that Damien pursued her, or that she wanted him to. It did not matter if the things he had whispered to her when other staff dared not to look. What mattered was that a rule was broken. Love was not a luxury for servants.